Info: Enrichment

Every year eric documents a celebration for free in a remote area of the world. We are looking for weddings and celebrations outside of the continental US that embody local or traditional customs or feature a member of the armed services that has been severly wounded in battle. Connect with us for more information and to apply. 

Profits from every commission are donated to non-political/non-religious relief, environmental, and educational efforts. 

For couples who opt to devote their entire honeymoon to volunteer service, eric will document your trip at no cost to you. Your experience will tell an incredible story and we would be honored to preserve that. 

For brides who opt to donate their dresses to the Brides Against Breast Cancer foundation, eric will shoot a Bridal Session at no cost. Sessions are just incredible amounts of fun... and you’ll probably want to get your dress dry-cleaned before you donate it :]